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Most of the Indonesian people are not realize how important English is. Some think that learning English is only necessary during being student so as not get bad grades. But there also have realized that they need to master the English, then trying hard to master and immediately introduce the English to their children in future.
In metropolis cities in Indonesia have introduced English lessons from an early age, but it is different with children inland. They only know English just from school, there are ranging from elementary level there is also from junior high level. However, in this globalization era, many parents are aware that English is very important to master. So they offer English courses for their children.

Why English Being important to Mastered?

English is one of the most widely used around the world as main language. USA, UK, Australia, are a few examples of countries that made ​​English being their national language. Many countries in Asia also use English as their second language, such as Singapore, Philippines, India, Japan, Korea, etc. Those are many developed countries that affecting worldwide technology, therefore English is the language that is extremely popular and the most spoken in the world of technology. We need to know English to study any subject or any computer language. We need to know English to communicate effectively with many developed countries. English is very important in our life, it is necessary in every field. People will feel proud when mastered English.
Now let's look at the business aspects. Many successful people in business, such as local markets area, national and international. For the local and national we can still use speak with Bahasa, but how about international markets? We may not use Indonesian language with strangers. This is where the importance and benefits of learning the English, the English plays an important role in the business world as one of important thing to achieve your success. The most important thing if you doing business with foreign people is not offering goods for them with our language but with English. So if we can speak English very well, it will help us in business to expand our business network to foreign countries, it is increasingly evident with the expansion of international trade every year.
English skills will also open up many opportunities in the academics for students. Being graduates of one of the best university in the world is one of pride for those who dwell in the academics. Many of the best universities in the world offer scholarships, surely for those who are academically intelligent and most importantly is to be able to speak English. Intelligent academically but can’t speak English is a big regret for students who want to get international certification. Due to with the international certification that means your English language proficiency was very well, it will pave the way to get a job. With the ability to speak English would allow us to get a prestigious career.
With English skills will make travel around the world become more enjoyable. English facilitate us to communicate with people from any country, since English is used all over the world. Therefore, overseas travel lovers will not worry wherever he want to go, because the people at tourist places around the world in generally are people who can speak English. Waitress, hotel servants who was recruited in the tourist places are servants who can speak in English.
Thus, English has become very important to master. As English becomes the lowest standard to get a job at big companies in Indonesia. Everyone has to wrestle in the world of globalization if you want to evolve. So to mastering English would be one of the great thing for the future to support our academic skill.
Now, I’m also trying to master English.

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Before we’re going to discussing how the combination of presidential and vice presidential candidates, I would like to explain a little about the profile of the candidates for president and vice president.
1.               1. Prabowo Subianto
Prabowo Subianto is the former commander of Kopassus, businessmen and politicians. Prabowo is also a politician of the party of Gerindra. In the election of 2009, he was chosen as vice president of the presidential candidate Megawati Sukarnoputri, but he had to be patient because the victory was still not aligned.
Prabowo comes from a scientists family. His grandfather, Margono Djojohadikusomo, the founder of Bank Negara Indonesia, the first leader of Dewan Pertimbangan Agung Sementara, and Badan Penyelidik Usaha Persiapan Kemerdekaan Indonesia (BPUPKI). His father, Sumitro Djojohadikusomo, which is the first economists believed President Suharto to become minister of Commerce (1968-1973) and Minister of Research (1973-1978).  Prabowo Subianto was married with Siti Hediati is who the daughter of Soeharto, it was in 1983. They divorced in 1998.
Prabowo have studied in Magelang Military Academy in 1970 and graduated in 1974. During his military career, he was have meritorious in an operation against Gerakan Papua Merdeka. He frees 12 researchers who are working expeditions, 5 of whom are Indonesian citizens.
In addition to his military and political career, Prabowo also have a business with his brother in Mangkajang, East Kalimantan. He leads for 27 companies in Indonesia and abroad. The company that he leads includes Nusantara Energy (oil, natural gas and coal), Tidar Kerinci Agung (coconut oil), and Jaladri Nusantara (fishing industry).
Prabowo also established some public organizations such as the Indonesian Farmers Association, Indonesian Traditional Market Traders Association, the Association of Indonesian Pencak Silat.
In the 2009 elections, the presidential candidate Prabowo listed as vice-president of the richest who has the wealth up to 1.5 trillion rupiahs and 7.5 billion U.S. dollars.
In November 2011, he organized a movement to carry himself to be a presidential candidate for the 2014 elections.

2.                 2. Hatta Rajasa

Ir. M. Hatta Rajasa (born in Palembang, South Sumatra, December 18, 1953) is the former Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs in the Second United Indonesia Cabinet and current vice presidential candidate with Prabowo Subianto in the [Indonesian Presidential Election, 2014, Previously, he was the State Secretary, Minister of Transport and Minister for Research and Technology in the Mutual Assistance Cabinet (2001-2004).
Hatta Rajasa is a Palembang Malay. He is member of the National Mandate Party (PAN), a moderate Islamic party. Since 2010 he has been chairman of the party. Siti Ruby Aliya Rajasa, Hatta’s daughter, is married to the youngest son of president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Edhie “Ibas” Baskoro.
On May 19, 2014, Hatta have registered to run for Vice  President with Prabowo Subianto for the Election on July 9th, 2014. They are supported by 6 parties including, Gerindra, PAN, PKS, PPP, PBB, and Golkar.

·                     2009- 2014  : Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs
·                     2004-2009: Minister of Transport (United Indonesia Cabinet)
·                     2001-2004: Minister of Research and Technology (Mutual Assistance Cabinet)
·                     2000-now: Secretary General of National Mandate Party
·                     1999-2000: Chairman of Reformation Faction on People's Representative Council.
·                     1982-2000: President Director Arthindo
·                     1980-1983: Vice-Technical Manager PT. Meta Epsi
·                     1977-1978: Field Technician PT. Bina Patra Jaya
3.                  3. Joko Widodo
Ir. Joko Widodo or more popularly known as Jokowi born in Surakarta (Solo) on June 21, 1961. He is a businessman furniture, as well as the Mayor of Solo for the two periods 2005-2010 and 2010-2015 periods.
Jokowi is accomplished leader. In 2012 he was nominated for governor of Jakarta. and then he actually was elected governor with Ahok as a vice governor.
·                     Mayor of Surakarta
·                     Employers furniture and landscaping
·                     Governor of Jakarta 2012
·                     World Mayor 2012 Nominations
·                     Top 10 who influential figures Tempo magazine version in 2008.

4.                  4. Jusuf Kalla
Muhammad Jusuf Kalla (born 15 May 1942) is an Indonesian politician who was the 10th Vice President of Indonesia from 2004 to 2009 and Chairman of the Golkar Party during the same period. He was unsuccessful as Golkar's presidential candidate in the Indonesian presidential election, 2009. Since 2009 Kalla has served as the Chairman of the Indonesian Red Cross Society. Before Kalla declared himself as the running mate for Joko Widodo in the upcoming Indonesian presidential election, 2014, a 2012 poll place his popularity among likely voters in the top three contenders for the presidency and ahead of his own party's nominee Aburizal Bakrie.
Kalla returned to active politics in 1987 when he was appointed to the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) as a regional representative for South Sulawesi. He was re-appointed to the MPR in 1992, 1997, and 1999. When Kyai Haji Abdurrahman Wahid (often known as Gus Dur) was elected as president by the MPR in 1999, Kalla was included in the cabinet and became minister of Industry and Trade. He had only been a minister for six months when in April 2000 Wahid removed him along with minister of State Owned Enterprises. Wahid accused both Kalla and minister Laksamana of corruption although he never produced evidence to support the charge.
Now a popular figure for assisting with the peace process in Sulawesi, Kalla considered putting himself forward as a candidate in the 2004 presidential elections. In August 2003 he announced his candidacy and enlisted as a participant in Golkar's 2004 Convention which would chose the Golkar candidate for president. As the months went by however, Kalla became to be seen more as a vice presidential candidate. He was expected to partner a Javanese presidential candidate and his non-Javanese background was seen as a means of attracting non-Javanese votes which Javanese candidate might have trouble getting.
On 5 July 2004 the presidential election was held. Yudhoyono and Kalla won the popular vote with 33% of the votes but 50% of votes is required for the election as president and vice president so a run-off was required. Yudhoyono and Megawati proceeded to the second election round held later in the year. And on 20 September 2004 Yudhoyono and Kalla won the run-off with 60.1% of the vote, they won of Megawati.
In 2014 he became a partner of Jokowi in Indonesian presidential election. Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP)’s presidential candidate Joko Widodo has announced Jusuf Kalla as his vice presidential running mate at Gedung Juang, Jakarta, on May 19th, 2014.


Jusuf Kallla was not new man for Jokowi. They have long been friends, even Jokowi’s name recognized by Indonesian people. Allegedly that Jusuf Kalla was the one who encouraged and supported the candidacy of Jokowi as Jakarta Governor 2012.
Support for this pair is already widespread since after legislative elections. In social media networks, Twitter, Jokowi-JK duo had become a trending topic worldwide. Even the movement had emerged to support Jokowi - JK via an account.
Based on the results of a survey, Jokowi - JK highest position as a duet that receive the most support. Survey of the Indonesian Survey Circle (LSI) which is held 1 to May 9, 2014, involving 2,400 respondents and using multistage random sampling method with a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percent, Jokowi-JK received 25.32 percent support. Prabowo beat-Hatta which gained 18.14 percent, and Sultan HB X - Gita Wirjawan 16.02 percent. While 40.52 per cent floating votes.
The high electability Jokowi also evident from results survey of Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting (SMRC). Based on the results of the survey with face to face interviews were held 20 to 24 April 2014, involving 2,015 samples and a margin of error of 2.2 percent, reaching 51.6 percent Jokowi electability. While Prabowo 35.7 percent. and 12.7 percent who didn’t know.
In a survey conducted by Political Indicators Indonesia, 20 to 26 April, 45 percent of voters want leaders who are honest and pay attention to the people. While 28 percent want a populist leader, and 12 percent want a president who can lead. 
From the category honest leader and populist, 44 percent chose Jokowi. While the 30 percent who chose Prabowo. From the category populist president, 55 percent chose Jokowi. Only 23 percent who chose Prabowo.
Lastly, from category a president who can lead, 48 percent chose Jokowi, and only 28 percent chose Prabowo. The survey took 1,220 samples with a margin of error of 2.9 percent and a 95 percent confidence level.
As for running mate, electability JK rated higher than Hatta. Based on the observation Prapancha Research, on social networking site Twitter JK is the most widely discussed candidate.
In the last month (March 22-April 21), tweet about pencawapresan JK reach 20 170 twit. In second place, with 9,041 Mahfud MD twit. Muhaimin followed by 8132 twit, twit then Ahok with 5,479. Behind them, there Gita Wirjawan (5437), Hatta Rajasa (5521), Dahlan Iskan (5154), and Ryamizard Ryacudu (1,246). The highest rated talk about JK not only in terms of frequency, but also tends to positive sentiment.
It all is the translation based on research that temporary. And now is turn for us as Indonesian people to be smart voters. Choose one who you think deserves to be the president of Indonesia on July 9, 2014.

Source: Liputan 6 and Politik Kompasiana